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At i design group, we believe the quality of your public presence in print and on the web, can beef up the horsepower of your marketing campaigns, but only if you have foresight and experience on your side. Don’t simply throw your hard-earned money at the challenge, when you could be creating an electronic highway leading right up to the doorstep of your company! Hire the experts who can help you do that at i design group today.

Steve Isakson, the founder of the i Design Group, and former partner of BrainBang has worked on various high-profile client assignments ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies for many years. I Design Group has developed an extensive network of highly skilled associates who are accomplished graphic artists, web designers, programmers, copywriters, usability specialists and photographers. Now, the hundreds of years of experience and communications savvy they bring together are available to you from one integrated source.
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