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Welcome to the exciting new world of 21st Century marketing and communications at i design group, where the power of the internet meets some of the finest traditions in graphic design.

What's New at I Design Group
A sampling of our most recent work.

About I Design Group
The founding partners of i design group, Steve Isakson, former partner of Brain Bang and Shelley Hunter, have collaborated on various high-profile client assignments ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies for many years.

Services that I Design Group Provides
What we do and Who we do it for. Marketing Strategies and Marketing Materials to meet your needs.

Print Portfolio
Create a stir with a look as unique as you are. At i design group, we do our best to avoid such fleeting styles, and instead capture a timeless yet contemporary look and feel for your particular needs.

Internet & Website Portfolio
Power up your online presence. New technologies bring into being new art forms, new techniques for communicating with your prospects and your customers.

Illustration Portfolio
Illustration that packs a punch! An imaginative or dramatic illustration can help your ad break free of the clutter and catch the reader's eye. Illustrations by Steven Isakson.

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